I’m Not Through: the #OKGoSaatchi Project


If you follow Damian’s Instagram feed, you might notice occasional virtual postcards from upstate New York. That’s ’cause the band has been making periodic trips there to work on their still-in-progress/still-untitled/still-no-idea-when-it’s-coming-out-or-when-the-band-is-touring-please-stop-with-the-questions-always-with-the-questions new album.

Even so, we do have an answer for probably that most frequently asked of questions: when’s the next video coming out?

Answer: whenever you finish it.

Here’s Damian to explain why the band is giving away a brand new unreleased song.

The song is called “I’m Not Through.” There’ll be a proper panel of judges (including Damian) and the winner will be screened at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase in Cannes, plus a People’s Choice category. A thousand pardons for the bit in the small-print requiring that contestants be over 18. If you’re under that age and would like to participate, please do. Post your video to the band’s Facebook wall and we’ll totally watch it.

Oh, right, and you can listen to the (brand new, unreleased) song right here. If you’d like it as an mp3, it’s available as part of our 12 Months of (Rare, Unreleased) OK Go, which you can sign up for over there to the right and above.

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