The South By Southwest Roundup

South By Southwest is over, the tacos have been digested, and the swag bags have been picked clean of cool promo sunglasses. Three-fourths of OK Go represented in Austin and stayed pretty busy through a whirlwind few days of panels, gigs, sessions, and a ride in a giant dragon bicycle. Even if you were in Austin, there’s no way you saw everything, so sit back, throw a high-wattage bulb in your desk lamp, and pretend you’re back in the Texas sun while you fire up these sweet videos.

Dragon bicycle by Austin Bike Zoo.



Tim, Drea, and PYYRAMIDS have an awesome new album coming out super-d00per soon via Paracadute called Brightest Darkest Day. They brought the band to Austin to preview their freshest jams. The cassette (and mp3s) are available for preorder now.

DJ Spooky, along with Ms. Amanda Palmer herself, showed up for the PYYRAMIDS DJ set.

2. Andy and His Rock-Hard Apps

Meanwhile, resident OK Go-bot Andy transformed between his various forms, leading a panel called Activists, Rockstars, and Start-Ups, which featured the legendary aforementioned DJ Spooky. He also announced a brand new app coming this spring from Paracadute.

3. Damian Waxes Smartypants

Damian drank juice and talked with some very smart people at GE’s Brilliant Brunch.


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