Everybody’s Heart’s Breaking… NOW.

How are you and your heart doing this fall? Broken? Whole? In love? Beating too fast? Stopping and starting suddenly? Burning? Aching? Pulsing in Morse code? No matter what metaphoric state it’s in, Lavender Diamond’s new album, Incorruptible Heart is sure to do it a world of good.

Over a year in the making and produced by Damian, Incorruptible Heart is available now on OK Go’s very own Paracadute imprint.

While in upstate New York starting work on the next OK Go album (!!), Damian recorded a cover of one of his favorite songs on the album, “Everybody’s Heart’s Breaking Now.”

Lavender Diamond made a video for the song, too, in which you can watch their incomparable leader, Becky Stark, fly, fall, and twist through space, looking for any and all entry points into your heart.

Incorruptible Heart is ready for you. Are you ready for it?

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