PYYRAMIDS of the Northeast Webcast

For those wondering about the odd seismic rumblings around the eastern seaboard this week, well, climate-change or no, it’s worth noting that PYYRAMIDS have been in the area. They play in Boston tonight and Brooklyn tomorrow. If you live in either of those fair burghs, both shows have much to recommend them. In Massachusetts, you can get all backwards-talky with Tim and Drea in the Twin Peaks-inspired Red Room at Cafe 939. And, if you’re in the New York area, you can see Tim perform in the ancestral home of his beard, Brooklyn.

And if you’re in neither of those places, have no fear, because the Red Room show tonight will be webcast! Tune in around 8:45 eastern time for a set by old OK Go pals Eytan and the Embassy (the charming lads behind the “Everything Changes” one-take video). PYYRAMIDS hit an hour or so later, running on standard rock club time.

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