Leap Dayy Myysticism

It’s Leap Day, that special occasion that only comes once every four years, when a small crack in the galactic fabric opens up and somehow a day called “February 29th” is the result, whereby new knowledge and a boundless mysterious energy field passes into the known universe. At least, that’s what Grandma used to say.

And this year–according to Google Translate, anyway–the Universe seems to be dropping some myystic knowledge about Tim’s band PYYRAMIDS.

For starters, there’s their brand new DIY-style video for “Don’t Go,” which you can (and should) watch above. The Universe agrees.

Also, there’s the band’s Human Beings EP, which itself has come into existence on groovy 10-inch vinyl that’s available now at your favorite independent record shop.

And lastly, if you find yourself in Los Angeles this coming Monday, March 5th, you might notice another side effect of the Leap Day energy field: a rare live appearance by Tim, Drea, and PYYRAMIDS as part of the NO Residency at The Echo (1822 W. Sunset Blvd). Check out the cool poster below. That’s this coming Monday, and it’s free.

Leap Day should come every year. Is there a Kickstarter for that yet?

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