Behind The Scenes of “Needing/Getting”


  1. I want to thank you for making such fantastic videos. Visually appealing, filled with a spirit of play and great music. The first three times I watched Needing/Getting, my mouth was wide open, and I was grinning like an idiot. My wife said I looked like an excited little boy. Keep having fun, and keep pushing the envelop, but don’t yield to the temptation to “top” what you did before. Just keep making new an wonderful things.


  2. This is fantastic! The only thing running through my head was how you guys could be so content and confident with a song to build this amazing video visually and musically synchronized, without wanting to change or adapt the song half way though!

  3. NIICE!! I’ve been WAITING for a behind-the-scenes vid to get posted.

    Took a class on Physics: Sound & Music last semester, so I learned a lot about making improvised instruments. F***-in well done mates! I can’t stop watching the official vid

  4. Dan – you are the most impressive “kid” i’ve ever known – good for you for making your dream a reality and becoming the rock star you always said you’d be!!!!
    PS Pat says hi :)

  5. that is just amazing! you guys take music videos to the next level! I eagerly await each new video.
    As a kid i loved magic eye book and ive always wanted to see a magic eye video. a full length magic eye music video would be mind blowing. i mean how cool would it be to make a video that only some people are capable of seeing. and not to exclude the non magical eyed people you could put out the regular version. that would be the best thing ever!

    here’s the link to what gave me the idea.

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