Watch “Needing/Getting” – The Brand New OK Go Video


  1. That was incredible! OK Go have outdone themselves! I truly enjoyed that video! I feel kind of bad asking for more but I’ll be looking for the “making of” videos on YouTube and whatnot. Maybe not right away because I want to continue to bask in the awesomeness of the video and not know what went into the making and how it was all done just yet. All OK Go videos are like magic tricks to me…I’m amazed and left in a child-like state of wonder (which is nice because I’ve been an adult for awhile :) but eventually my pondering will get the best of me and I’ll want to know how, what , why, when and where….Congrats to a great video and keep up the great work!!

  2. You guys are amazing! Love the creativity matched with the willingness to put in the time and attention to the “details” to make videos like this work!

  3. You guys should release an MP3 of this (like This Too Shall Pass, the live version), because I love how it sounds. It’s awesome.

  4. Congrats on another AWESOME video guys, this one, like all the others, is amazing! Can’t wait to see the behind the scenes. DFTBA!

  5. Gentlemen,

    Coolest…video…ever. I am in awe of your acoustic accomplishments, not to mention your driving skills. A “making of” follow up would be much appreciated, if for no other reason than to refute the doubters who might think that the sounds were added as after-effects.

    Thanks for providing some serious joy for us all.

  6. Awesome video. After watching the video I went to listen to the studio version of the song, but I like the video version better. You guys should record it the way you did it in the video (not with the car obviously) but with the pauses and the silences the way they were there. Had a much better flow to it that way.

  7. AMAZING!!! just when i thought the all is not lost video was the coolest thing i have ever seen this came along. it is hard for me to set a limit on the cool things i see because you keep on making your video’s 2 times cooler every time!!!!keep doing what you are doing.

  8. Look at this!!!! I’m amazed!!! I can tell you the simple fact – for me is you – OK GO – the best music band ever, because you don’t make good music only, you are making lot of fun and engineering around it! Since your first music video wich i have seen from you (with running belts) I simply love it!!!

  9. Will you guys come to my high school? I teach Music Technology, and am creating an arts academy at our school. I’m the music chairperson and would love to have you as visitors! You are awesome!!

  10. Hey, this video was even on a french news program today!
    If I was OK Go, I’d wonder if a certain french advertisement for insurance isn’t a pale copy of another one of my videos.
    conclusion: frogs like OK GO!

  11. At least the video is cut and was not shot in one take. One (of much more) proofSee the metal bar in the front at different times ;o)

  12. Very cool again. The only thing I would have changed was when you wreck at the end that airbags would have inflated and paint exploded just like the Rube video, would have been a funny tie in. Keep it GO-ing Ok? :)

  13. This is hands down, the most amazing video ever! LOVE this song too, reminds me of your earlier stuff. The video version sounds better than the original :)

  14. Thank you! It’s people like you that restore my faith in human beings in general. Seriously. There’s nothing like witnessing brilliance and fun at the same time. Carry on, carry on!

  15. wow this is the most amazing music video every! I am a percussionist so watching this is like seeing a dream on video! lol

    Ok Go, you guys are amazing! But, you REALLY need to put out a good audio version of this recording! Please please please!!

  16. Today is the day I first met your genius…with my baby on my lap, watching Sesame Street videos, I just tumbled on your Primary Colors…and now here I am, and it’s love at first sight!

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