Needing/Getting Sees Super Bowl Premiere

There are so many reasons to look forward to this Sunday. Friends, for starters. But also beer helmets, puppy-cams, fried snacks, halftime explosions, the whole football game thing, and–as we may have mentioned–A NEW OK GO VIDEO!! That hadn’t always been the plan, but our partner Chevy saw the finished product, got SUPER excited about it, and is now strapping “Needing/Getting” to the Super Bowl machine for the full treatment. It’s a crazy world we live in when the most amazingly bizarre video we’ve ever made is suddenly at the top of the advertising world heap, but who are we to argue?

So let’s not forget the true meaning of Sunday — OK Go in a super-hacked Chevy Sonic, playing 288 guitars, 55 pianos, and 1,157 homemade instruments while Damian acts as a stunt driver. (He took lessons.) It’s truly the little things that are meaningful. So without further ado, let us present to you…

Super Bowl Sunday OK Go “Needing/Getting” Extravaplan 2012™
(all times are Eastern Standard)

12:00pm – Don your beer helmet and start deep frying your chicken wings. It’s an American tradition.

2:06pm – This is an estimated time, as the program is still a bit up in the air. But we will be appearing on the NBC Pre-Game broadcast to introduce the video. NBC will then air a two minute excerpt of the video itself on air. At that time, you (and us and the rest of the world) will be able to get the full dust-tastic/pneumatic-arm-aided/please-Damian-don’t-kill-us experience of the “Needing/Getting” video, which will be viewable on Chevy’s micro-site,, as well as on

Sometime During the Game – We will appear briefly in a longer Chevy Sonic Stunt ad. Keep your eyes peeled!

Post-Game – Immediately following the game, Chevy will be debuting our dedicated television ad for the “Needing/Getting” video. Thirty glorious seconds of OK Goodness. So stick around for that moment when one team wins, the other team loses, they pan around to all the happy and sad faces for 20 seconds, and then cut to commercial. Because there we’ll be.

And, with that, the “Needing/Getting” video will be out there in the world to watch again and again to try to figure out exactly how they got the right notes out of all of those pianos, guitars, and what-have-yous…Stay tuned over the next few weeks for that and many more behind-the-scenes details, contests, and other stuff, and be thankful you’re not out in the desert without cell service, covered in dust, with Damian at the wheel.


  1. Excellent! Is there a ‘making of’ video that shows what went into making this production? I can’t imagine the hours and hours of planning. Were the pianos all tuned to the same note in the general vicinity of the striker?

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