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  1. Hey there!!SO I have been a huge fan of yours for years, and I was wondering when you were planning on coming to Canada again…perhaps Toronto? What would be AMAZING would be if you came to Bayfest next summer! It is a local thing in Sarnia Ontario Canada, but people from all over the world come…it is a pretty big music festival! However, I am not a huge fan of the music that is usually playing…they have a country and a rock weekend. I am not one hundred percent sure how you get connected to play there, but that is actually my ultimate dream!! :D! Thanks for all the awesome music and videos:)

  2. You guys should seriously come to Victoria BC Canada because I’m in love with your music. I’m a multi-instrumentalist who appreciates your unique use of rhythm and harmony. Your videos are amazing as well, I never get tired of watching them.

    If my shameless butt-kissing isn’t working, and you’re not compelled to fly here right now to amaze my town….How about flat out fan-flirting? I’m also a burlesque dancer in a troupe of 12 hilarious sparkly women called the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue…come to our town, we’ll show you our tits. (with glittery nipple tassels of course!) C’mon, you know you want to…

  3. let me know if you ever come to london. i think you would have huge success with us lot over the pond. i’m trying to spread the word but only have 20 odd facebook friends as i’m in my 50s. good luck and thanks for the entertainment. kate.

  4. come to Toronto, which is in…well canada
    my comment may not mean much, considering you get boat fulls of em but I think that musicians even ones that have been spoiled by popularity (and I mean that with the utmost respect) know that once YOU were a fan and you LOVED a band so much, so fucking much, and everything just feels so intense when you’re a kid and having your headphones in is the only thing that kept you from losing it! and I’m pretty fucking angry because… well…. I um, I don’t really know why hahaha, just my “hormonal imbalance” actin up again (cause I’m like 17), I ain’t got much to offer, I’ll give you my bike (I don’t have the money for a car hah), or my Beach Boys T-Shirt or my subway pass and yea, I’m just really fucking frustrated right now because your music made me fail my english test, yea that’s right. how you like them apples?! ok I’m gonna stop hahahaha


    ps: the subway pass expires in march

  5. I wish you guys would come somewhere within driving distance of Vancouver BC. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to see a live version of This Too Shall Pass

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