Pre-Order Hungry Ghosts Now!


Hungry Ghosts, the first new OK Go studio album in four years, is making its spooked way to your heart this October. Want to hear a sample of every song and see a bunch of footage from the studio? Well ok:

Even better, Hungry Ghosts is available for pre-order via Pledge Music now now now, with a free four-song sampler EP (Upside Out) coming in June to tide you over until haunting season.

This is not a drill and this is not a fundraising exercise. Hungry Ghosts is completely done and is only a few brief steps from human consumption, give or take the black magic required to finish a rock and roll record. We’re running a Pledge Music campaign simply because we’ve got an overflowing bushel of insane exclusives that we want to offer to you, and their platform seemed like the best way to deliver on all that crazy.

So head over to Pledge Music to sign yourself up for signed vinyl, handwritten lyrics, and the other goodies you’ve come to expect from such offers, plus tour bus rides, caricatures by Dan, outgoing voicemails by Tim, a night out with Damian, custom synthesizers, a virtual visit to the OK Go Academy, a personalized song (or dance! or documentary!) about you, and some further craziness that we can’t even announce yet. All tour-related prizes are immediately applicable to the band’s summer tour dates.

PS. Don’t worry, if you pledge early and we announce something you prefer down the line. You’re welcome to change your choice at any time.

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