The Twelve Days of OK Go

Gift-wrapping an mp3 is a difficult process, a delicate mix of Japanese origami, ancient sailors’ knots, .php coding, and Scotch tape. Right now, there’s Scotch tape all over the laptop screen and we accidentally deleted a rare mix of Dan singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in Esperanto, so we’re just going to cut our losses and proceed with what we’ve dubbed The Twelve Days of OK Go. ‘Tis the season of ’tis-ing, after all.

That is, between now and the New Year, we’re going to be giving away a bunch of mp3s of hard-to-find OK Go tracks. You can probably find most of them elsewhere on the internet with a periscope and some Google skills, though probably not as iPod-ready as this. To get the goods, amble on over to ye olde online OK Go cyber-shoppe. We’ll update this post every day with the latest links.

1. “Last Leaf,” Damian solo, Mahogany Session, 2010.

2. “Dynamite,” A La Playa feat. Damian, Brian L. Perkins, Matt Smith, & Alex Galloway, Appendices CD-R, 1995.

3. “Oh Lately It’s So Quiet,” acoustic version, Deep Cuts EP, 2009.

4. “Here It Goes Again,” UK Surf Mix, Deep Cuts EP, 2009.

5. “Wave of Mutilation,” Pixies cover, Live A Version Six compilation, 2010.

6. “Down For the Count,” A Million WaysEP, UK only, 2006.

7. “Bye Bye Baby,” demo, Brown EP, 2000.

8. “Antmusic,” Adam & the Ants cover, Brown EP, 2000.

9. “Letterbox,” They Might Be Giants cover, Hello Radio compilation, 2006.

10. “Father Christmas,” Kinks cover, Kevin and Bean’s Super Christmas compilation, 2006.

11. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” 2010.

12. “Any Time At All,” Beatles cover, unreleased.

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