Gifts For Small, Rectangular Stockings

It’s been a somewhat quiet year on the OK Go front, we admit. A year where the guys wound down the relentless touring, video making, and experimentation of the last few years and began focusing on the even bigger projects to come. But that doesn’t mean the band was inactive. (Well, except for Andy, he’s cryogenically frozen in our mountain storage facility in between tours and bursts of app writing.)

In fact, Damian was out in the world every single day in possession of a phone with a built-in camera. Shocking, we know. Somewhere in there–June to be specific–he started taking pictures and posting them to Instagram.

Well, in order to cash in on this, the most Judeo-Christian-Pagan of all buying seasons, we  handpicked 50 of our favorites and brought them forth into what cyber-scientists call “meatspace.” In other words, Damian’s photos are now available as a handsome, self-contained, spiral-bound book which, at 3.5″x2.4″ small and $14 cheap, is perfect for the smaller, rectangular stockings in your life.

So go ahead, embrace the season, and buy the book right here.

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