Summer Camp!

Besides the band’s upcoming summer shows (we hope you make it out), the guys are pretty much off the road for the foreseeable future, holed up in their secret bunkers, carefully creating the next batch of awesome for us all. And it’s time to see what you’ve all got, and engage our collective group-mind in some 21st century arts and crafts.

Over the course of this summer, we’ll be plotting (and posting) various ways to tap into the insane hive-brain we suspect you are. If this sounds fun, stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds and await further instructions. But before we do that, the very first step is to see how your creativity manifests itself. What’s your art? Do you write music yourself? Do you dance? Make movies or videos or animation? Wire up homebrew electronics? Compose epic poems? Now’s the time to show us. It doesn’t have to be OK Go-related. We’re just curious about what you’re making!

Tweet at us with an #okgosummercamp hashtag, post on our Facebook wall, or email We’ll repost some of our favorites, and keep plotting ways for our hive-brain to make some collective cool stuff.


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